Auto Wraps Are a Valuable Advertising Investment

Time was when advertising your business was restricted to having your name appear, maybe in bold letters, in the local yellow pages. Time was when movable signboards were strategically placed on sidewalks and mall floors s as to attract the attention of folks casually walking by.

Today, times have changed and side-by-side, technologies have changed. Competition has become fiercer, and at the end of the day, the ones who get the business and the most customers are those who ensure that their name has the maximum hours of exposure during a business day. Billboards are of course great, and so are TV spots and radio spots. But someone needs to stop, wait and watch and read the billboards and the TV spots. You need something that is commonly noticed by people, to advertise your business.

And so this brings us to the concept of auto wraps. This is a technology, or a method of advertising, that makes use of the extensive surface area of an automobile to display advertisements. The wrapping material that is generally utilized is a high-quality vinyl adhesive product. This is designed so as to be able to stick on painted surfaces, as in cars. Attractive logos and graphics may be shown on these wraps, and the impact of such an automobile driving in front of you in an evening commute on the highway, cannot be denied, in terms of actual recall value.

There are many options to go with and SignZoo is a company slot that offers you a wide range of options to choose from, whether it is fleet-wraps, or vehicle graphics. Typically, wraps are used when you are dealing with, say, a fleet of trucks owned by a company, and they want to display information about the company and its products on the visible surface area of the truck. Here the company that wants to advertise almost always owns the vehicles, which display the wraps.

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Vehicle graphics serves a similar purpose, but here, the advertiser does not actually own the vehicle himself. In fact, the company pays someone else to project their company’s information on his or her car. So instead of renting a billboard you actually rent advertisement space on someone’s car, van, or truck.

The United States Traffic Audit Bureau estimates that this display of information generates as much as 16 million impressions a year. Earlier, it was considered sufficient to have your contact phone numbers prominently painted on your vehicle, in order to attract clientele. Today this is not enough. This method of advertising maximizes the number of hours of exposure for your product, whether it is a service or a consumable. Just think, no matter where you are driving, whether in town, on the freeway, stopping for lunch somewhere, or even changing a flat tire somewhere, there is someone always reading the information that you advertise.

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