Crazy Lottery Stories – Sad But True

Do you ever think about winning the lottery? Most people do. But have you ever considered how your life would change after winning a big jackpot? Most people probably don’t. Usually, when someone wins a big jackpot, a media press conference is held to announce the winner. The usual questions are asked of the big winner, questions like, “What will you do now that you won the lottery?” Most people say that the lottery money won’t change them, but it usually does. Sometimes, their life just becomes crazy!

Just consider some of the following crazy lottery stories. These are just a sample of lottery winners and most people don’t end up like this. Nevertheless, these crazy lottery stories are sad but true:

  • Andrew Jackson Whittaker won a whopping $315 million Powerball prize in 2002, making him the single biggest lottery winner ever. That type of money should last a lifetime. It didn’t. He blew it. Can you imagine blowing that much money? Mr. Whittaker was broke within a few years of winning the money. Crazy!
  • Fred Topous is a convicted criminal. He spent years in prison for crimes such as attempted criminal sexual conduct with intent to commit penetration and break & enter. After serving his time in prison, he came out and won a $57 million Mega Millions jackpot. Most of us law-abiding citizens will never be so lucky, yet a convicted criminal is. Crazy!
  • Gerald Muswagon won a $10 million Lotto Super 7 jackpot. He blew the money on wild parties, drugs, and alcohol. He lived a crazy life which even included himself involved in a high-speed police chase. The wild-life costed him big-time. He blew all of his money, was broke, and ended up committing suicide. Gerald hung himself. Crazy!

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